A new year means a new opportunity to improve your inner self. Removing your weaknesses helps you focus on what you want to achieve. There can be many weaknesses but it is impossible to say you have none.

There have been many ups and downs in the previous year and…

I feel that the more we speak to someone, the more attached we get to them. This can be a lot painful for people like me as it breaks my heart to let go of someone I am used to.

Yes, I have experience of this situation, and it's not just an imaginary thought. :)

When I remember some moments spent together, whether it being of getting irritated or showing some love or sympathy towards each other, I feel pretty heartbreaking/wrenching.

The main question of this article is: Should we speak a lot to each other when we are committed to each other?

I am not totally against it nor I am for it. I just feel, in a relationship one must speak freely and comfortably. But how does one cope with himself/herself?

How hard is it to not say everything you have in mind for over 10 months as you have only a few hours left to be together? The hardest feeling that ever hit me.

Just like everyone else’s college life, our college life is now over. The last day was…

Sorry, because it has been over 2 years of this engineering life since I have not been with you guys.

By not being with you I mean, not going out anywhere despite seeing you every day in college.

I guess, the most important phase/time of human life is school life…

The only thing that I liked about being an engineering student of IPU is that they are very lazy in terms of checking our answer sheets which used to give us time to actually understand/realize what actually happened in those exams. But recently, this lazy behavior backfired us all (literally).

Trilok Niranjan


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