How do I spend my Lock-down period?

We know that there are 24 hours in a day, out of which a human should get a sleep of maximum 8 hours to get the energy for the next day to work.


But considering the fact that the next day is just going to be the same, how could someone sleep for just 8 hours? I mean, one could sleep all day.


For what?

Not everyone has a job, a responsibility, a desire to learn something new apart from their office routine. But, there exists some who believe to gain most out of this bad times.

Hello guys, like most people who luckily are still having a job or a responsibility to complete, I am one of them.

Let me introduce myself, you might have seen places where people, coders face issues with the visuals of various things that are different and difficult to understand? I solve them.

I am a UI/UX Design Intern who works for an organization funded by our prestigious government (no pun intended). I work 8 hours a day. I do not get paid. But the most important thing here is that I keep my self busy. Busy from being sad, depressed of the life experiences I had in the past couple of months.

Generally, my daily routine before this lock down was a bit busy. I used to wake up, go to my in-office internship and do my daily tasks for 6/9 hours straight and then come back to home at around 6 in the evening. Going out with my best friend for a walk in a nearby market, drink coffee and come back home, have my dinner do some pending work/surf YOUTUBE and then go to sleep.

But these days have been quite interesting. Previously, it felt the responsibilities have over burden on my shoulders and it would take weeks to complete those, but if you ask me now? I have completed most of it.

“Working all day does not seem interesting to me,duh”, you say.

Let me tell you my friends, it is never about working so much, its about the company(people) you are surrounded with. The tasks could be difficult but the conversations that go along work matters to me, and to make that fun is my cup of tea. I have a friend from office, we have never met in person, only listened each other’s voice to do the work assigned to us. Like me, he is also a problem solver and a coder. I give solutions to the problems given to us and he codes all of it with me(he does all by himself, I just chill and try to solve the next/upcoming problems). This is usually my daily work starting from morning 10 to evening 6. After that, I do walk, a walk that helps me to get relax from this busy schedule I took for myself by joining this internship. This feels a lot more fun as I am doing the work which I have built interest in, which is DESIGNING.

To understand the pain points and the ways to solve them is just awesome.

As soon as the sun sets at around 7, I usually pass my time by watching television or surfing YOUTUBE. I do not know, if you guys will agree with me or not, but I think YouTube is one of the things that is keeping our mental health stable.


Scientists say that watching funny videos can help you release some hormones which keeps you healthy and your mental state normal. And this job is done by the one and only application/software YOUTUBE developed by Google. Kudos.

Now, the only time of the day when each of us(family members) are together is the Dinner time. We do not owe a big villa or a mansion, but we have got enough space in which we are working comfortably in our own spaces.

“How many times do you guys fight in a day?”, if you ask me.

Every 4 hours, is what I will say.

“How can it be possible, you said you all meet once during the whole day?”

There are things from which we get frustrated/angry that distance for reacting does not matter, what matters is the shear determination to go and fight for what you think is inappropriate. :)

There is no love if there are no fights, as one could not guess of how someone would react in different situations.

Many might be thinking that how could someone at this age do only work and not anything for fun? So, let me now tell you what I do for some ME TIME.

I play a multiplayer game with my 3 friends at night starting from 10 in the night to 1 in the morning. This is the moment for which I work for all day long so as to get the satisfaction. We made a CLAN and gave a name which used to be our team name as well when we used to play football. This is the time when I actually interact with other humans(my friends) apart from my family and my office friend.

As soon as the day ends, I go to sleep in order to wake up and repeat this routine again. I do not know who wrote this but I must say that this is going exactly as quoted.